Content and Social Media

_Content and Social Media

Design and create messages that reach those who need to be reached.
You will learn how to apply the most influential strategies in digital channels. In a world where content is king, learn how to seduce your target audience through different channels and formats. You will create and optimize a digital campaign strategy with paid advertising, measuring and optimizing your results at the end.


Workshop-Social Media

The Inspire Workshop | Content and Social Media

Workshops designed to help you explore, learn, investigate, and understand the scope of content and social media.
Masterclass-Social Media

Master class | Content and Social Media

Exclusive talks with our specialists, who will provide in-depth knowledge on specific topics in the world of content and social media.
Social Media Garage

Content Garage

In the digital world, content is everything. Find out how to get the most out of your storytelling skills. Here's your chance!



- Community Manager
- Social Media Specialist
- Digital Marketing Analyst
- Content writer
- Content producer

_Digital marketing world

Google Digital Garage:
Sprout social:
The Marcsi:
Shine With Natasha:


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